How it’s done.

I did mention to you at some junction that man in his evil deeds, has extended his desires to corrupt other men. He extended his bias ideas to other men not realizing the extent of this corruption. This did cause a decline in man’s statute, no doubt.
These activities as minute as you may believe they may seem are also ungodly. We have gotten to a point where these corrupted techniques will not allow you entry. I keep stressing on entry because it is a main issue for you. When the father says all men must be judged. They they have to be and as a matter of fact, he stressed on “no exceptions.”
You will all be allowed entry and soon after, you will be judged and reallocated unbeknownst to you.
As I have mentioned time and time again what are the reasons for that.
Now unless you as man would reverse your corrupted thinking, you will deny entry. This is not a free for all and never was. So the Bible scholars out there who may see this as arguable. To them I say, listen up for you are not in a position to argue.
One more note. At judgement, you don’t have an opportunity to defend or debate. That’s our job. Our conclusion will be administered to you. This forcefulness is what He, the father wants.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Hear me out



Happy father day to all you fathers out there. May God bless you and guide you to be the best fathers.

I am having a very interesting weekend myself and of course part of it is writing to you. On a slightly different note, you have some peculiar activity coming up and it may have a diverse impact on you, but we shall see how that goes.

it’s also been noted that the Dems are calling on bipartisanship as they try to get involve in conforming healthcare. Again that’s a matter of time, because it affects everyone in America. With the rise of health issues, it will affect everyone in one way or another. So healthcare needs thorough designing and not a napkin job on a drive by.
Healthcare must cover everyone in an equitable fashion. I was previously annoyed at the callous way it was botch up and presented to the American people as it omitted some main essential issues and of course it basically eliminated coverage for the poor people. Whether you like them or not or thinking that they should be fending for themselves. It doesn’t matter, but you should be taking care of them. Why? Because I just nicely ask you and it’s what the father wants.
The lighted stairway will and must continue to steer the right changes in the world and trust me, it is all to make it better, but most importantly it comes from the top. Everything I have ever told you is the truth and must come through as I said it. Those are His words and to this date, I have always been extremely accurate. I know who I am and I know my connection and it’s this connection that will help you when you need help. So here Me out please.


For I am just a messenger at the moment





We strive here to get things done, to make right policies come through and we will continue until the right changes are in place. Our gratitude extends beyond, for the fruits of our labor lies in your safety.
God is with me, so my guidance is always right.

You know what amazes me with some of these ministers. They talk, they talk and they achieve or receive nothing and there is a reason for that.
You, who are the congregation or the masses can achieve as much or even more than some of these ministers. So never ever feel minor to them. Never feel that your whole life is dependent upon them, because it doesn’t.
I will contest them any day publicly, but they won’t, because I don’t think that they Would, but you just never know. I am open.
If anyone have been studying me through my writings, then you too would tell the story of realism and you will be blessed. But let me do my work and leave these souls alone, for we will meet again.
If you think you know God so much then how come you are still a regular soul? You preach everyday and claim you know God. Well?
What’s up with that?
But if I put an order out on you, then you will start to receive. Something to think about.
Think about it or you will always be a lower soul.
Ok preachers!
I know you guys don’t see eye to eye with me on this but, in time.
One more thing the whereabout of any angelic person can and usually are not accurate and that’s because of so much evil that’s in the world. The picture is usually distorted.
I don’t need to explain this much further.

As I have always told you how God works. There was once upon a time and granted, it’s necessary when starting a religion, that the proper mental preparation was imposed upon you as a novice. The positive and holy aspect of looking at situations and at the world, was the platform from which the Christian religion was built. Honor thy neighbor. Help the poor. Love thy enemy, humble yourself to the almighty God. Honor thy father and mother. Don’t do this and don’t do that. So the philosophical approach was introduced to you as your new thinking and it was and still is imperative to have everyone on the same page.
Having the right thought pattern was the key or the most needed approach, not only to live your righteousness lives, but to be accepted to the Heavens and indeed, it is necessary.
This pious mentality engulfed with humility and lamentable attitude was always the door to the next level. But to this date, many will question this approach and many have. They will want to question the almighty father and oppose Him to the very end.
Many have thought; if you grow up in a good family and go to the fine colleges, get a fine education, get a good job. Who needs Jesus?
Have an exotic car, a dog, large house and a cool few millions in the bank. I have reached, said he.
Who needs Jesus?
That’s for the poor people, not us the middle class or the rich. Who needs Jesus?

Well the truth is; there is no argument there.
If you believe that you have conquered, then there is no argument there and I am not going to preach you a sermon.

Bad news!
The only very bad news is that when you die, you are stripped of everything because God now takes over.
All that you ever worked for and ever stressed over. All the best schooling and the fine kids and big dog, big house and the cool millions are now taken away. 
In essence, you are back at square one.
Well, who cares. It was a nice ride!

Indeed it was, but it isn’t over,
Not at any stretch.
Why? Because you are now the subject of all your actions. Everything that you ever did in life, both good and bad are presented to you.
The big decision has to be made about your next level. Where to allocate you? We have to put you somewhere. Almighty God wants your souls and Satan wants your souls too.
But it isn’t up to you. Where you go next is up to us. Better yet, it all depends on the quality of your soul.


So you are now dead and you stand there stripped of everything awaiting your fate. Ask yourself this question; in your glorious days having fine school, fine job, fancy car, the grand house, millions in the bank. Your attitude told the story: who needed Jesus then!

Remember the phrase ; who needs Jesus?  Well, so you are standing there hoping you will be living with the father in his glory. You didn’t want Jesus when you had everything but you want him now. This subject will be brought up as a Turning point against you and the result may not be good. You didn’t need him then. Don’t think you can live with Him in glorious Heaven afterwards.

Death is  just the beginning!

Life on earth was just your big examination.

Eternity is what it is, forever. While your time on earth was just temporary.
You have just failed the big test. Was it really worth your GOOD RIDE?
It brings you to the next question. As you stand there with your fate in our hands and the fact that it could have been more favorable. Would you have Jesus in your life back there on earth, with your FINE LIFESTYLE and your bad self? Hmm!
I sit on the council of judgment that’s why I can bring this to your attention. You can communicate with me now, but you won’t have that opportunity again. Like the father, I would ignore you, just the same. There is a reason for that.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Satan wants your soul too and he will do anything to get it. He would have all his henchmen who are physically here on earth to do his bidding. They will present a nice package. A very nice package, good school, good job, lots of money, but with the wisdom that I am bestowing to you with the hope that it would hit its mark. You could come out a winner.
I can not present you with that kind of package here on earth. This is satan’s domain and not ours. I can only present an invitation to the package for the life beyond.
This is Satan’s world where he resigns. Man has colluded with him, Satan, to build what’s here. I see that. The truth is you can stand up with sincerity and conviction and show your fellow God-fearing friends, to stand with you and commit yourself to The supreme father and the Christ whom you know. There is no shame in God but only rewards.
Remember, the strips that you earn will stay with you forever. I know these things. There are reasons for that too.
As the heaven has always reminded me: Do you know who you are?

Remember, at your inquiry, if you had taken option “A” good school, good job ( on Wall Street. Lol), grand house. But No Christ.
There won’t be anything that we are looking for that would give reason to sort you, UP. Sadly, to bell with the low tone rings and you will be escorted to…
But, but, but, if you took the other option in life and live the God-fearing lifestyle. As boring as you may think it is. As foolish as you may think it is. As repugnant as you may think it is. It will be your “get out of HELL TICKET”.
There you have it. So do it with conviction and sincerity.





This blog is really an account of my thoughts and sometimes on a frequent basis. As it is stored by google and greatly appreciated.
So people read it for reasons which I don’t comprehend.
It’s just a collection of personal thoughts and not to give you advice, because you won’t listen anyway.
So the question arises; why do people read this blog? Don’t you have better things to do like; bake a cake, find a hobby of great interest to you.
Instead of venturing into these habitual endeavors, you have decided to peep into what I write. I often look at the view counter and question; are they still there? To my surprise you are.
If I had requested followers, I wouldn’t get any. I know, but most of you hang on to me like followers.
If it’s that what you want then read on. I don’t know what else to tell you.
All I can say is that my little private collection of thoughts ain’t all that private anymore.
The thing is that some of you aren’t satisfied, you would go on and tell a friend and another, just to mind my business.
Ok, so read on until trump deports me. He could you know. I was born in Trinidad. Yes, a little country off the coast of Venezuela. For those who haven’t heard of it.
So I can be deported, then I would stop writing and my thoughts would be truly private. Ha
Well it’s his prerogative!
Sooner of later, if trump and Putin have their way, they would run this nation as a tight ship.
The thing is when Putin can remove his own sanctions by a single order, that’s when things are too far gone.
It’s not that I don’t like Putin. Listen, I have never met the man, but the point here is his persistence of world domination. A secret action by Putin and he was having success at it.
He is a very smart fellow with very worldly ambitions.

Thank God for New Mexico banning lunch shaming. Poor kids, they are hungry. What is wrong with America?
That’s when I start ranting about the heartless man in the WH. Don’t worry he is not entering heaven. I don’t care how much he meets the pope or says that he is a Christian. As a matter of fact I like the Pope, but it’s not even the pope’s affair of who enters heaven.

Some people may take issue about me calling trump heartless.
Listen, when you have a group of politicians serenading over victory of allowing millions of Americans to suffer and die because of passing a healthcare bill, then I take issue with that. Rejoicing over people misfortunes.

To the great soldiers who are no longer with the living. We pray for you.
This is a day set aside for the fallen HEROES who were subjected to the ultimate sacrifice.
We honor them and we pray for their souls.
I know many who served in the United States military and its a sacrifice to serve
and a good one.
It’s a great thing to subject a portion of your life to serve. It’s a chaotic world in which we live and there are no easy ways getting around it, but it comes down to serving.
It’s JFK’s BIRTHDAY, an iconic emblem of national Greatness. A true hero by any standard.
A great big salute.

Listen if you choose to read what I write by all means enjoy yourself. Who knows maybe once in a while, I will talk about secrets that I wasn’t suppose to talk about.
Or I might just talk about a revelation that’s pertinent to the existence to the world.
After all,
Lightedstairway told you about:
The rumble in the earth movement
The tilted axle
The hole in the ozone layer
The water rising
Sometimes the timeline of events which is a topic that seem to be most interesting to you.

So I sit on a few panels around, to give my thoughts here and give my thoughts there. It gives me something to do. Some of them are very highly important.
I don’t sit on any Russian panels for the record.



Unbecoming a president

It’s always a sad day when the odor of impeachment hearings fills the stillness of the air.
So some time back and with my tail between my legs, I went on to the supreme father and I said to Him : Father, I know you said I can’t lose, but I feel like I just did. He looked at me and said: You didn’t lose, in time you will see.
I was a tad confused and then He said : You can not lose. You will defeat everyone who opposes you.
My eyes began to load on hearing and I bow my Head in Sanctity, honor and obedience.
The conversation ended.
Days after, it came to me what the Russians did to the elections and I dissected everything again and again and then began to ring the bell.
I rang the bell and I rang the bell.
Shortly after, many started to pick up on what I was talking about in my post.
To make a long story short.
It has been about seven months later and the wrongs have accumulated to form a blockade.
In time I will see, said He, the Father. For we have defeated Satan.
I simply followed His instructions. That’s all, that is all…..that is all.


Trump! There is no one out to get you. You are your own enemy. There are somethings that money can’t buy, like a conscience. You were destroying the lives of poor people.



Why do people read this blog?

If you are that interested or should I say if you are that loyal, then read on.
Everybody seems to be kicking around the word “loyal” these days, so I might as well partake of the fun.
I am not like trump in any fashion, seeking loyalty as he does his devious deeds.
But I would suggest that keep proving your loyalty to God, the supreme father and I will tell you what’s up and what’s down. I will be your eternal friend.
I am just the one carrying all his power.
People often query: what are you doing in the world, Is it time yet? Are we there yet?
With all the wrongs and corruption going in the world right now. One would be looking up to the father for help and I am telling you. He hears you through my post.
I don’t have a private jet as trump, so you have to wait, till i get to where I am going and then settle down.

Ok trump is no JFK when it comes to Kim Jung un, he, trump doesn’t have the courage to take action for America. The true problem is that Russia has grown to be a very strong ubiquitous nation attempting to control every country. Well as the Father have said you can’t do it without me.
So trump you are leaning in the wrong country. You started your presidency making very big mistakes that caused America to be in a pickle.
I warned Trump a long time ago that this world is full of big boys having big toys called nukes, who doesn’t like to be pushed around.
Anyway, your biggest problem right now is Russia who keeps on deceiving you.
You are believing them as they keep laughing at America.
Get it through you head trump, that Russian is not your friend. Your weakness is your friend, money and they know that and have made deals with you because you can’t resist money. So they got you just where they want.
More to come about Kim…

This article was sent in by S.

Hey Don….thx for the input, it appears divide & conquer is the ongoing strategy!,The global issues seems to focus on immigration…our currency is well positioned to weather the devaluation of said sterling in UK…as trade will have an impact around the world,further we may even see a domino affect Scotland & Northern Ireland will seek same….possibly the other European countries could follow…wait & see. No one here is warming up to the US front runners,they see one of two evils..with the latest episode in gun violence there,black lives have little value demonstrated by the law & government policy lets view the sit in @ US chambers…!!finally I’m delighted UK has elected to stay in NATO…

Sent from my iPad

The last time I spoke about this topic, we were focused on money and we primarily centered on the conglamorization of same.
Let me clear up this note. There is nothing wrong with having money and lots of it, but what is wrong is your newly found ATTITUDE towards money, in relation to money and to others.

Allow me to explain even further. Some people on having lots of money look down at other people as not of human quality, depriving them of many things, happiness, healthy living etc.
Other people having lots of money believe that they are above all laws of both God and man.
They also believe that they can buy their way into heaven.
To them I say “fat chance.”
Whatever you do here on earth will either be your blessing or a curse and you will be judged accordingly.

This judgment will inhibit you or allow your entry into the father’s kingdom.
Don’t worry about me for I will be at the table of your judgment.
Oh! Whatever wrong that you do to me here on earth will reflect on your soul. That’s the way He has set it.

One more thing. You better start loving Black people or having a good Black friend, because the father has set it so that Black people have the only chance of a direct connection with the higher powers. You must be of toned complexion to be in a line to receive anything of higher power.
So all the true Angels or martyrs who passed through this world had to have different degree of toned complexion or in other words they were black.
Whether you accept this or not is your affair, but when that bell tolls for you, it becomes very important and you will say; Gosh! He is right.

For am just a messenger at the moment.


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