Peace in the world

If we are looking to find peace in the world, the answer can vary from person to person, but everyone thinks that they have the unique answers. The question is do they?
Take for example a yogi stating that he wants to gather fellow yogis to meditate for peace in the world. well, that’s not going to work in its entirety guys.
Yogi are very nice people but they waste a lot of precious time doing things that’s not so significant.
He spends hours if not days looking at pictures that does nothing significant to the world.
They may be the nicest guys in the world but maybe they can use their time much more productive.
Being one with the universe is not achievable by any yogi because we are already one with the universe. You are just resetting the perimeters.
Once we were born we have found our place with the universe. So that’s nothing new.
It’s best if you do something physical hoping to establish peace in the universe, you will have a more dramatic effect.
However, if you are insisting in using the supernatural then that can be best achieved by praying.
This is where prayer comes in having more of an upper hand over meditation. Prayer can have a more strategic approach to peace in the world.
Prayer works because you are invoking the heavens to assist in the Worldly problems.
Concurrently, doing physical endeavors can have the ultimate devastating effect.
ISIS have proven that in their recent bout with the rest of the world.
So there is a big difference between meditating on peace and going out and ensuring it’s reality and I am not advocating warfare.
Seeing yourself with birds and flowers is just entertainment.
Experience people will know when to use meditation and when to use prayer.
The world itself is unmanageable by man and it has proven that time and time again.
I am not going to laying out the procedures on how that’s done either.
That’s privileged information, what I would advise is to wait on the father rulings and responses from prayer.
The U.S. together with the entire coalition is streamlining a more physical approach to the problem as we approach the beginning, on the road to peace.

The messenger speaks


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