Praises, praises, praises!

Who is your leader?
It’s been over two thousand years and that’s a long time consisting of many generations, but what’s mind boggling is that man has not grown any.
You may think that they would be wiser to a point of increasing their adhesion to the Almighty God.
Surprise, surprise, but man has disappointed God so many times. They have turned away from Christ and have also turned away from everything that’s God related.
Now, they deemed it necessary to worship a politician.
Does everyone see where this world ? is going?
Now, do you see why the almighty God is angry with man?
You have identified a political leader as your living guru. As your one God.
You have sold your soul right in front of the entire world. Worthless………
I do know that the way Satan has set things, it leaves the supreme father with not much latitude. But be that as it may, Man also gives very little room for the father to be nicer.
Christ has orders to save the “dead in Christ” and he is on order to …
More to come…… So

Man can change everything, but maybe they don’t want to.


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