Prayer or meditation?

Coming up!

Which is better? prayer or meditation?

The answer coming up and don’t tell me about this man wrote this or that man wrote that. If what those man said had some degree of credence to take you there, then they should be of high standing from the supreme father. But they are not, for I was sent from the top and they have grown from the last rung of the ladder and it is not my intention to put them down. On the contrary, for they too are truly admired for their diligence.

So in essence, listen to what I have to tell you for the stripes and ranking are laden upon me in the form of his extreme power that continuously flows from me and always did. So I was told by the most high.
So Maybe, I do know a thing or two of how to get there.
So listen up!

You know, whenever I talk about power, I sometimes get this surge of attack, I understand that people out there seek me out to touch me or my clothing and I have no problems with that. Here is the thing, it is when they have bad intentions and that’s where I have issues and that’s quite understandable, from anybody standpoint.

So as I have mentioned before, I am not only protected by the heavenly host but by self elected builders, priest, rabbis and other souls who in earnest will and have collectively lend their talents to my welfare and I think that’s because of their spiritual side of which they cherish enormously.
For they see within me, the truth and most importantly ” I am who I said I am”
and they also believe that in doing so, they will rise above or expeditiously move up the stairway of higher spirituality.

I too believe that the supreme father will grant them that privilege. He always smile whenever someone helps me. For its a tough world out there, brought about by the inequities of others.
It’s what I learn to live with!

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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