Predictions, predictions.


I do a fair amount of predictions here as everyone who constantly reads my blog already knows.

Or at times as a quickie, I will run it on Twitter.    However some people wants me to predict more. It’s all good, but I will only publicly do it by requests.

Some people are querying whether there will be a summit. Well it’s back and forth. No one knows where it will go. Lol., just kidding.

The summit is struggling to happen. However, I don’t believe anything will come of it as far as the gains and loses are concerned. Trump maybe rushing this too much with too much expectation.

He has to remember that Kim is no fool. Trying to place a wedge between China and Kim is so far fetch, that it can throw this entire summit in the garbage.

Now as far as denuclearization is concern, don’t waste your eagerness. realistically people, Kim and China will never give that up. They are just enjoying attention and making a mockery of trump. Having him like s puppet on s string.

They are enjoying having the entire world looking on.  Who and what can beat that attention?

Summit or no summit?
we will soon find out, won’t we.




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