Simply ugly


Locking up children in cages is a sign of moral deficiency. There is absolutely nothing to be proud about. No moral equivalency.
No justification or attempted justification with law or laws.

Locking up children in cages with the intent of permanently separating them from their moms is inline with Hitler and Jews.

It displays the monster mentality that lurks deep in your mind and finally surfacing revealing the real you.

The monster within. There is no apology for that, none that you can offer. It’s just the way it is with you. A derange individual who need help.
Hitler had supporters too who were willing to give their little lives up for him and that they did.

So Hitler set off to have a war with the world or anyone who opposed him. Everyone did.
It kinda remind me of the current trade war with everybody.
Strangely, how life blueprints itself.

We are currently in a world war with TRUMP against the world.

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