So it’s been written……. so it’s been done!

We have talked about ” the Christ ” in many ways. We have spoken about ways to identify the Christ. We have explained John’s vision of ” coming through the clouds”. We have just about cover everything to prepare you, however, you can always use one more. We can also add this; The christ has the power over everything and everyone in this entire world without any exceptions and that’s what ultimate Power does. So with all this preparedness, your ability to identify Him should be 100% on the mark, but if for some remote reason, doubt still lingers around, then close your eyes and pray on it and ask the Holy Spirit for He would send the signs to you.
Now, in spite of all of this. I believe that if ” the Christ” was standing right next to you at this moment, you would still deny Him, just the same. This is hard for you to believe, but it will happen. You will deny His existence without a shadow of a doubt.

The question is why? It is because you have built the christ that you know on such a pedestal to a level of mythology, that you would have difficulty accepting Him again in the flesh. You have created such a myth that you don’t want to release that mythological figure that you have planted within and you are at a point where you wont accept anyone to fit those shoes.

Remember, the Christ had a body of flesh and blood before and He bled, a body that felt pain and pain was there, a body that felt emotions and they were there, a body that performs miracles and that He did. So if the Christ was standing next to you and He told you that He was the Christ. You would look at Him with disdain. Even if He performed one miracle in front of you, that would not stop you from denying Him. you would Probably spit on him with hateful denial, but that doesn’t add up because your point is well understood as so is his. However he is in a better position than you and that means that you must try harder to understand. But you must remember that the supreme father rules and He sent Him back in a different appearance this time. It is not good to oppose the choices, selections or decisions of the almighty God, for His wisdom exceeds your by eons. Maybe He did that to bring out the fault that’s lies within you. In essence He is telling you to correct yourself before you come up.

All the keys players are in the world at the moment as the world heads to the great change.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

They are all identified as the biblical figures ready to align themselves to the changes that destiny has set for them. There are few more changes that must take place.
So it’s written, so it’s been done!

So unbeknownst to you the changes are there as time juggles on, manifesting the last necessary changes.
In the final days, we ask that you pray with all your might heart and soul but even that seemed to be far-fetched.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

In the final days, we spoke about the explosion of knowledge. Well! Well!
So it’s been written, so it’s be done!

The Jews have returned to their homeland.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

In the final days, you will deny Him.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

In the final days, satan would sum up His forces for a last hurrah. Chaos, chaos. A chaotic world and getting worst.
So it’s been written, so its been done!

In the Mideast everything started and in the Mideast everything must end.
So it’s been written, so it is written! (not done as yet)

We are in the final days! Wake-up!

I am just a messenger


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