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Why do people read this blog?

If you are that interested or should I say if you are that loyal, then read on.
Everybody seems to be kicking around the word “loyal” these days, so I might as well partake of the fun.
I am not like trump in any fashion, seeking loyalty as he does his devious deeds.
But I would suggest that keep proving your loyalty to God, the supreme father and I will tell you what’s up and what’s down. I will be your eternal friend.
I am just the one carrying all his power.
People often query: what are you doing in the world, Is it time yet? Are we there yet?
With all the wrongs and corruption going in the world right now. One would be looking up to the father for help and I am telling you. He hears you through my post.
I don’t have a private jet as trump, so you have to wait, till i get to where I am going and then settle down.

Ok trump is no JFK when it comes to Kim Jung un, he, trump doesn’t have the courage to take action for America. The true problem is that Russia has grown to be a very strong ubiquitous nation attempting to control every country. Well as the Father have said you can’t do it without me.
So trump you are leaning in the wrong country. You started your presidency making very big mistakes that caused America to be in a pickle.
I warned Trump a long time ago that this world is full of big boys having big toys called nukes, who doesn’t like to be pushed around.
Anyway, your biggest problem right now is Russia who keeps on deceiving you.
You are believing them as they keep laughing at America.
Get it through you head trump, that Russian is not your friend. Your weakness is your friend, money and they know that and have made deals with you because you can’t resist money. So they got you just where they want.
More to come about Kim…


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