Thank you Dr.

Did prayer do it again?

I was listening to a question ask by a reporter to the Doctor survivor of Ebola, whether God saved him knowing that science gave him the antidote to fight the Ebola virus.
It was a fair question and was handled and answered correctly by the Doctor who is well routed in the Christian faith.
First, I want to say thank you Doctor for a fine job.
Now. The reporter was insinuating that science came forth and pull you through.
That’s true.
The doctor was adamant stating God saved him.
Well let’s examine the Doctors answer for a bit, because this is also open territory for an atheist.
What I believe the doctor was trying to say was based on the mathematical odds.
I am sure the scientist drug has a probably rate of success, about 50%
The doctor would have been in the range of ” no go” or ” go” or border-lining somewhere around there.
Because science had no idea of its success to him. It was an experimental drug and I am sure they had indecent numbers.
So this odd probability is where faith came into play.
And the heavens bent the odd of success putting it in his direction.
The bottom line here is that prayer also played a major roll, but you couldn’t see it because prayer and the mechanics of prayer are always working behind the scenes.
We can go so far to say God put it in the minds of the scientific community to try the drug. God loves science too and is willing to promote it just the same.
Good going Doctor.
They are people just like us who bleed and feel pain.
Most of them believe in science only, which is a little wacko, if they only try the combination of prayer with their work. Oh! Wee! Would they have more success.


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