Thank you. + update 7/29/2017

It has been many exhausting months now since trump, the elections and the sanctions have been exposed. It’s gratifying to say thank you, to the United States house and the senate for their added sanctions.
A bipartisan group of senators is moving to check President Trump on Russia by bolstering congressional oversight before he can lift sanctions.
Great news, keeping Russia in check.
Thank you!

Everyone knows that trump was inquiring about pardoning himself and his children. It goes to show that he is worrying about what’s to come. His lawyers talked about “statute of limitations” but apparently it has no bearing on Mueller’s investigation.

The almighty God is always right. He said to me that very soon new revelations will be exposed to you and there it was.
Believe in God!
Trust me people
Believe in God!
He has armed me, he has empower me, he has fortified me with all of His own divine Power.
I can go on and on.
Trust in Him and believe.
For He believes in me, with this I can stand here and tell you.
Believe in God.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Ps 7/29/2017
As I said. After the elections, I knew something was not passing the smell test. So be that as it may, I consulted the supreme father and told Him that I think I lost. His reply was that, I did not lose and in time it will be revealed to you.
The message here is what started the investigation of the infiltration of the Democracy of these U.States.
Let me say one more thing.
The Almighty God is very active in the world at the moment. Some may have noted this, while others may have not.
None the less, it’s the truth.
The world is undergoing a metamorphosis with each power throughout the world flexing their muscles. I am on it, observing everything and everyone. As if I had a choice in the matter, but I don’t. He wants me to be left right and center, observing everything.
So stay tune, as it gets juicy.
I want to say some words about the illuminati. First off, they have never really rolled out the red carpet but quite the opposite. Their rule seem to be: any help we give to you must result in, what’s in it for them.
I have to remind them that the almighty God stands firm and makes no deals with anyone. It’s not an answer they want to hear, but it’s an answer that they must accept.
Their fate always lies at the short end of the stick, since the almighty God holds all their cards, primarily of life and death of which no one has control of but Him, the father.
Whether you are an illuminati member or not, the fate of your soul may not lie in Satan’s hands. Whatever you do can make all of the difference in your life.
Ironically, many people and mystics have changed and are currently following Christianity.
Sadly, Bunkers may not be your dependable lifeline as expected either. Why? Because…..
Anyway, on a better note, the father has always said that those who helps me will always be highly rewarded.
For I just a messenger at the moment.


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