The Christ within

One of the reasons why we stress on prayer and instilling Christ consciousness within you is for your evaluation and survival.
Survival? Yes, because the main thing that a demons look for when or if they approach you is whether the Christ connection is there.
If it isn’t, then you become easy prey for persuasion and very soon you become one with them.
All your chances of Heavenly acceptance would be destroyed and no more.
So that’s why it’s very important to maintain your Christian activity.
Now with the living, that’s quite evident too, because the further you are away from the Christ consciousness, then the revelry and violence sets in.

Other news
Recently Syria used chemical warfare on its own people.
We are over one year in the trump administration and it’s his responsibility.
The ball is in Trump’s court. He has to act. Whether he will act will depend on Putin’s move.
Trump can’t do anything without Putin approval.


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