The church again?

The church is in disarray at the moment and many people who leads the church needs to be thoroughly checked because from my standpoint, I don’t see them with the father and I think I know God much better than you guys and maybe that’s why I have been given blessings so much from Him.
God is a strict God, you have no idea what He wants and what He doesn’t want.

As I recently said to somebody, that if God wasn’t that strict, would He had written the book of revelations as you know it? He would have replace the book of revelations with a large earthly party where everyone can be rejoicing.
That’s just goes to show that I am right. He is displease with many things in this world including the people who should be trusted most.
So everyone who thinks that they would enter heaven and have a grand party with God, surprise, surprise that ain’t happening.
Most souls from the last set who entered heaven from the time of Noah, ended up being cast out of heaven just the same as satan.

I know everything about heaven that’s why I carry all the father’s strength and its a strength that i have always carried since the beginning of time. I am not here to pass anything along that wasn’t my instructions, because its my job to carry it, it’s who i am. But there are demons out there in the church who would advise me ; oh! you have to give it to this place or that. Now, that’s demonic.
That’s not what the father intended, it’s the same thing satan did the last time. Asking the Christ to give up his power. So when I am asked to do something as that, as I always said, that demonstrates the demonic forces acting up around me. The Heavenly Father doesn’t want to give the church anything. He isn’t comfortable with the behavior of the church.

God is a very wise God and everything that man does was already told to me that they would try to deceive me by doing this or that.
If you read all my writings you would have known that the ultimate divine power is here to lure you in so that I can differentiate the satan henchmen from the true believers of God.

People see me as a simple man but they have no idea how much blessings that i carry and that’s why I can criticize what you are doing because most of you are doing it wrongly. The Almighty God has adorned me with crowns and scepter and blessings that permits authority. The ancestors of the founding father of America have checked out my crowns and scepter a long time ago and confirmed that it’s the real deal.
So I am not here to prove who i am or what I can do, that the fathers job.

I am just a messenger at the moment


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