The Church…. the bride?

The church, the bride, the relationship. It leaves many questions open.
Is the church living out its bridal duties or is the church in trouble due to marital problems? I spoke about the unification of Christianity a while ago and to this date it is still in disarray. The egos are running wild because everyone thinks that they have an upper hand or a special pass to greatness. Let me set the record straight; you are all the same whether you are Preacher or a patron in church.
Once you have the correct mindset of humility in combination with supplication to the heavens then and only then, you can have access to the entire kingdom.
Now, if unification is not on your agenda because of the selfish and unbalanced reasons mentioned, then Heaven will have to be Totally REARRANGED to accept you and it may NOT be entirely, to your liking.
You see, the Heavens do not need your opinions, the Heavens aren’t looking for other kings that’s un-unified. The Heavens aren’t looking for people with bright ideas. The last person who had a bright idea was satan and you all are quite aware, how that ended up.

So If you are having problems with the Christ, then you are out of gas with the supreme father. Remember these words ; you can only go to the father through the Christ.
If you are having problems with the Christ, then you are out of gas with the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Trinity is purely unified. They think the same and act the same. See that as an example.

So now it is clear that unification is also your ticket to a better acceptance in heaven. A better position for you. A better relationship for you. You may be still stubborn to unification as expected but that can change only by an asserted unified effort.
Remember these notices that I bring to you are to set you right for the best position. The rest is up to you, but at this moment, the Heavens must change to accept a scrambled, disarray and un-unified Christianity. Only you can change that.
If not, It will cost you. Restrictions!
Humble yourself!

I am just a messenger

Ps As I brought this topic up, Heaven is being changed as we speak. It should be completed soon. That goes to show that they heard my concerns as i wrote and they acted.


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