The debate

I have been listen to gun debates and I got to say irrespective to what just happened in Las Vegas, the pushback seem to be there.
So I just have two questions for these Macho pro-Gun Slinging senators.
Maybe I am missing something, but remind me why does a regular citizen need an Automatic Gun.

I have seen the sorrow and the horror of what went wrong in Las Vegas.
But do you pro Gun-toting law makers are ever affected by dead Americans savagely killed and laying in the streets, like what happen with in Vegas?
Does DEAD Americans laying in the street affect you?
Answer that Rep Mark Amodei
Every time you apply laws against the freedom of these guns, you will ultimately affect future massacres.

Why are you arming yourself with such enormous fire power?
Unless you WORKING UP to overthrow the United States Government? IDK


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