The expected rise


The rise

There seem to be a rise of evil in the world setting out to be out of control, but ironically it’s being harvested by the managing elite. But that’s no surprise and it’s nothing new. However, there seem to be no voice that man heeds to and that’s the disappointing aspect. When all chaos seems to be uncontrollable, then you can smell the danger all around.
The question is: If this is the way it has to be?
It’s even more dangerous when things just presents itself, sneaking up on you as if it’s part of your life.
Those voices along with my voice, yes these seemingly quiet voices that virtually has no overtones to your guidance, as they try in vain to save mankind in an effort to steer you right. Maybe it’s Hope, which is your last line of defense, the hope that may save you or ……maybe not. It’s not the hope,….maybe it is you.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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