The facts #1

The facts
I mentioned to you on many occasions, that I don’t know the supreme father from reading scriptures, but from many interactions with Him.
During those times, He took His time and adorned me with many many blessings. Unknowing to you, the supreme father has grant me power over many things in this universe and I just said that to remind you. I can go so far to say, if He punishes you for some reason or the other, He would gladly acknowledge by further adorning me with more blessings.
The problem here is that the supreme father doesn’t trust most people and I am told to do whatever is necessary to keep you within your box. Everyone wants to be a dynamic leader for the supreme father, but as they say; many are called but few are chosen.
I have no intentions of randomly punishing anybody, but there are people who just won’t take no for an answer, so they leave Him no choice.
This is the final stages of the world and God is not tolerating anything from man and that’s one of the reason why I always say to you that you shouldn’t step out of your box.

Heaven is not this grand open forum for all. I am sorry, but I do know who I am and i do know, who you are in relation to grand scheme of things. I also know heaven very well and if you want to call heaven your home, then I think that you ought to listen to what I have to say. The supreme father is not what I often hear on tv. On the contrary from what i heard, God rules with an iron fist and He is not playing games. I don’t care what you read, but the supreme father is an extremely stern man.

You must also remember that this world is heavy on the side of evil having an outrageous unbalance. It wont be appropriate to think for one minute that heaven is an open door to all, because satan and his henchmen would have taken it over already.
Heaven has a very, very strong military. These are the facts, because i am part of their military. These things that i departed unto you is beyond the Bible and as i have said before, the Bible is only the beginning.

I will close this with the following statement ; Not only He is already here, but there are lots of disappointing bombshells that I have to unleash unto you….. You might be surprise.

I am just a messenger at the moment


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