The grand debate

America has reached its crossroads once again with regards to guns. Should they have it or should they not?
As with everything else, money holds as the deciding factor and thatโ€™s sad.
Money has been ruling everything so far and morality is really, out the door and to an extent.
Be that as it may, the question still maintains its merit. Should guns or should guns not?
Some blame the bearers of the gun as the factor thatโ€™s responsible for their actions. Attributing it to their abnormal state of mind, while other blame having the guns as a factor or their actions.
The fact is that in America, it has always been a long-standing debate. But I will interject one more factor into the equation.


Meaning donโ€™t expect to have all Guns and Peace as a package.
You must decide whether peace is more important to you or guns are more important to you.
But you canโ€™t have both. Plain and simple.
You will never have PEACE in this land together with Guns.
As yourself: Did you ever have Peace?
I wonder why.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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