The healer #1

So you want to be a healer? I am using the Catholic Church as an example because they have the specified room and apparatus for what I am about to discuss. If you know someone Who is sick and of course, he/she could be a family member or relative and you want to help them, then you can go to the Catholic Church and light a candle with a prayer of healing towards that person. Unbeknownst to you, the sick person will receive the ray or spark of healing light that you just administered. Some people leave a little note under the candle to ensure its purpose. This process can become more complex with varying colored candles and longer burning durations, but be careful because it winds itself into occult works which is out of our realm. So stick to just small white candle and a prayer, let the almighty God do the rest.
This process can be considered miraculous, because that ray of light will penetrate the spiritual world and go straight to the sick person and do its job. So for the rest of the journey after lighting the flame, the candle rays becomes totally spiritual, penetrating walls and other obstacles. In essence you have become an instant healer. Do remember that more complex healing requires graduation of your spirituality from the supreme father or through my help.
Of course you should leave a donation in the box so that the use of the facilities are always available to you. Someone has to clean the candle remains and replace fresh candles as needed. someone has to purchase more candles that is free for use to you. It would be unconscionable to go to the candle manufacturer and request free candles. He would reply that he needs to buy food for his children. So be kind and grateful and give, so we can continue to provide you with supplies, knowledge and everything else. Just think if no one gave donation, eventually all processes and knowledge will cease and die with the person or institution and you will be left in the dark.
So give.

Ps I mentioned colored candles, so you can recognize an active occult worker and that’s a sign to get out of Dodge.

I am just a messenger


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