The resolve + update 1/1/2018

We have come a long way to the current situation. Here, America stands contemplating on their next move with North Korea ??,
But as the rhetoric climaxed over time. It opened the doors ? to the inevitable confrontation of war.
With Trump there seem to be no other way to resolve this. While I stand on the sidelines watching in.
The situation doesn’t seem to move in a positive direction.
So there you have it.
You are on your own, trump.
This is your baby. Go get them tiger!

So the bottom line here is up to Kim and up trump.
Whether there is war or not, it’s not up to me.
What I do know is that with all the heated talks and threats. It certainly puts America on the defensive, in more ways than one.

One more thing, the only way I see anyone helping him is by he paying them big dollars to get the job done. ✅


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