Da plane! Da plane! No it’s….Da Tapes!


It’s been a very long time that he has been calling it a “ witch hunt”.
Well, the evidence is here, that we found the “witch.”
His voice is on tapes.
The grand wizard himself. A man embroiled in conspiracy and entangled the United States government in his notorious behavior for the entire world to be whiplashed, as his decisions all became contrary to the normal mode of procedures and decision making.
A man who blatantly blasted former U.S. presidents as if they were on the opposing team from another country.
But never said one word against America’s most watched adversary, Russia.
That in and of  itself had everyone bewildered to a point of, huh!


The question is: would he try to steal and destroy those tapes, walking in the eerie footsteps of an impeachment past? Nah! Too much drama here and it’s too late to steal those tapes.


However can the tapes hang him?… maybe or maybe not.  Well I think the tapes has enough evidence to do some damage.


Personally, I think the tapes may contribute  enough for an impeachment. But not right now, this is a long drawn out process.         One might think that there maybe a preponderance of evidences that may hit its mark. Possibly a combination  of obstruction of justice together with the newly found tapes that ties it all up. 




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