They are back

Terror alert
There is nothing that’s worst that a nazi with a vengeance. Just when you have forgotten ww2, they are back. Resurrected and gaining strength, but most of all, giving new meaning to the word vengeance.
America has had many fallen heroes as a result of the great world war that wasn’t too long ago. It would seem that just when you have placed those thoughts in your attic boxes. It’s hitting you in your face once again. The gun-toting nazis are back with a brand new attitude. This time, to overthrow America. They have already claimed their first victim and have publicly pledged, to do more damage. This gives our defense department a whole new rethinking. Get ready guys, for the well armed nazis. Like A boomerang they are back.

The Freedom laws of America may need some tweaking, because the nazis are taking added advantage by loading up. The guns, the guns. One per customer please or maybe none at rallies or perhaps, none at all.

It’s amazing how a black man was killed in his car because he told the officer he had a gun and a permit. But that wasn’t enough to stop the (white supremacist) officer.

I saw one nazi having more guns than five police officers put together.
What’s the intent here?
Question: Do they each have gun permit? Hmm!
But worst of all, someone in the White House defended them, that sad day, at Charlottesville.


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