Trump dilemma 4


In the midst of all this chaos, expect Russia to be involved in the next elections in favor of the GOP, once again.
The GOP is deliberately not doing anything about the prevention, so things could be in their favor.

Trump has done everything to please Russia, as in removing troops from their border which is a highly strategic move needed for Russia.
Trump, AKA Comrade Trump still refuses to implement the latest round of sanctions. As a matter of fact, he has dismantled that related agency too.

So I guess the CIA gets a day off as well.
According to trump, they don’t do a good job anyway. THEY ARENT NEEDED.

America doesn’t have much left to keep them alive anymore.
Comrade trump says he want to rebuild the military. Hmm!
That won’t be acceptable to Russia.
So Don’t expect him to do that.
Don’t be surprised if he probably would delay it as much as possible

The military is the last stray before the fall.
I don’t see you winning ww-3. As a matter of fact, any, right now.

It’s probably because you are so mangled in defense, courtesy’s of Comrade Donald Trump.

Military Morale is down and it’s probably due to the loss of proper leadership.
There you have it.
I know, I know. It’s doom and gloom.
Did you expect differently?
Listen, Russia can do anything ( anything) they want and it would be easier for them, if the Dems don’t take control in the next election.

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