Trump dilemma 7

It’s evolving that many South Korea prefers the friendship of the North Korea rather than the Americans. This percentage has increased significantly since the latest entry to the Olympic Games participants.
It’s a move that I expected as the north continues to charm the south, driving a wedge between the United States and it’s one time friend, the South Koreans.

Then again, the South has no choice and maybe running out of options, since the North had them in their cross-hairs for a very long time now.

There is an old saying: when your hands are in the lion’s mouth, you Don’t taunt the lion.

Of course, the looming question that’s on most everyone’s mind is whether there will be a Peninsula unification.
Don’t keep your hopes up too high on this. Not anytime soon. It’s way too far in the distant to be recognized.
Anything can happen between now and then.
Trump might decide to hit his very large workable nuclear button or Kim might just go for it too.
Kim is a fearless lone star leader, who knows precisely what his options are and is willing to exercise them.
Surprisingly, he has matured into a no-nonsense trigger-happy warrior, who acquired his attitude from none other than the Donald.

Kim continues to acquire money and knowledge. The two main ingredients that moulds him into the respected, bad boy of the world, feeding directly into trump’s dilemma.

You just never know what we will talk about next. It could be you. We don’t know either.
So keep checking in with us.


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