Trump’s dilemma 6

@potus is a complete mistake for presidency. Even Russia realizes that too. They think that he is a lightening rod and he is bad for the world.
Something that I have been telling u from day one.
Trump has brought the world to war, now he has to complete it for us to survive.

The continent of Africa is undoubtedly the richest soil on this earth and I am sure it has undiscovered resources that this world has yet to know about.
China who is hungry for natural resources has found it wise to interact in many different ways with Africa.
It’s a well known fact that in many countries, China has been anchoring their people there. Bringing in different businesses and making various agreements.
So it’s s clever ploy, yes and China has plans for the future and is setting to execute such plans.
So yes, they have unmasked the prize that sits below the earth’s surface in the wealthy ground, of Africa.


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