Trump’s dilemma 8

The “crowd size” is on the table again and this time, it spells trouble for the GOP. There were millions of anti-trump women voters who held massive rallies all across America.
They made there voices heard loud and clear, while trump failed to find an agreement to solve the government shutdown.
It’s fair to say that the GOP owns this, since they’re total control at the moment.
So yes, all across the nation, women have been fired up and very adamant against the so-called trump movement.
They has been growing increasingly stronger ever since the last gathering.
Converting this to actual vote counts against the GOP, spells big trouble for them.
Trump strategy of tax reform isn’t cutting it as he expected and one of the reasons is that it cuts off the poor but gives massive breaks and refunds to the rich among other vital agendas as immigration and healthcare, women related issues.etc.
The women are proving that and are taking the fight to him.


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