U have been warned with update


So we have Irma threatening the United States and you should be taking all the necessary precautions like:
Stock up on water
Fill your car with gas
Stock up on coal or gas for outside grilling ( electric may be out for days )
Buy lots of crackers (they last longer than bread)
Buy candles and matches, flashlights, batteries.
Stock up on can foods
These are survivals that can carry you until things are normalized.

Now, listen up
The grand daddy of all hurricanes, maybe on its way.
I am talking much worst than Harvey or Katrina. Much wider in scope. Much stronger and much more destructive.
You have been warned.

Update 9/6
Ok, let me stay with this storm Irma because it’s confusing. Too many storms coming up.
Irma is large and extremely dangerous. It’s a killer with attitude, so brace yourself.
Irma is dancing at this point and the eye seems to be difficult to forecast. As if it doesn’t want me to report its path.
But it will do some serious damage. Although it would be horrendous for Irma to go back to the gulf where people are now recovering but we will see. South Florida including the keys could be hit. This is a monster with the word mean all over it. So your best bet is to get out-of-the-way if you can.
I don’t think it will ride the center of Florida.

For I am just a messenger at the moment

It’s entering Florida through Miami as I predicted, but it will leave Florida somewhere around Port St. Lucie or palm beach areas.

Ps 9/8
Following the track of the hurricanes. I still don’t believe that Irma is heading straight up central Florida. I believe that it will veer off to the right, above Miami.
But in any event, you should always prepare for the worst regardless.

It will NOT go up central Florida
But prepare for the worst. There is no place to hide in Florida. There is No place that’s totally safe. The heavy rain and high winds and flooding would get to you.


So brace yourself
The good news is that we got almost everyone in shelters. Well, it wasn’t planned but it just happened. The palm beach stretch went into shelters first and now the lower western side went into shelters.

We are certainly on the home stretch now. What a hurricane ride it was. Enjoy the quiet moment, until the other side me arrives.

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