It’s atrocious that after all the warnings and pleas which I have thrown out to the public and directed it also to tv ministers. One would think that there is some direction to God.
The evangelical ministers actions are contrary to the plea of the father’s. Take my words very seriously guys, because I am not joking. I never joke with matters of the father. You may not see with me on some issues, but that doesn’t mean I am wrong. It means you are opposing the words and wishes of the father.
It means that the ground that you are standing on has changed for you.
It means changes are there and may not occur here on earth. Remember whatever you do here can be redirected or affect a direction or decision for you. It means that there is a possibility that the forthcoming changes maybe not in your favor.
Everything that I ever told you must come through, because that’s the way he has set it. So I am not disappointed, oh no. After spending so much time on earth, I am not surprised of your actions either. In time you will understand what I am talking about. Remember, a tint of evil is all that’s needed to keep Heaven away.
I have always ask: Do you think that you know the father better than I? Then why is there no evidence presented as I look at you. I see you the same as I see someone in your congregation. As a matter of fact, I can’t tell of your supposed advance stance with the father as you may have in your mind, because there is none.
Yet still you oppose him. God has always said to me that those who ever opposed you are evil and I must remember that. Evil can not enter through the gates of Heaven.
So you can continue to have fun and be happy with the things that you are doing, but when the time comes, well.
There is someone here on earth who is the key to your entry. Believe it or not!
For I am just a messenger at the moment, ahem!


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