Weapons 3

So many years ago, I was coming back from a long trip from across the seas and I decided to check in with my mom. Surprisingly, I found her at the back of the house painting or touching-up the lower back wall on the deck.
At 90 years old, I thought she would need some help. Don’t you think? Hmm!
So I took over the job and was speeding it up because I noticed dark clouds forming very fast.
So I stopped and started gathering up the materials that she had scattered about.
She is now waiting at the deck door and I had the drop cloth under one arm and the metal paint container with the brush in my other arm. At this point, it suddenly started to rain heavily while lightning was striking at various points in a distant.
As I started to make haste towards the door, starting a distance of about twenty feet, lightning struck and there was a one inch thick lightning rod that fired, right in front of me and froze exactly one inch from my nose and it stood there and I stood still too as I can clearly hear the sizzling.


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