What brought us to this point?

What brought us to this point? I wonder.
Is it the love of children?
Is it the love of lust?
Is it a shortage of condoms?
Is it the need to ensure blood line?
Or was it government intent to mass populate?
Whatever it may be, it certainly found its mark, but no one predicted that it would change the balance of the world crucial systems, from earth ecology to marine ecology. Maybe I did, got to go back in my files.
All in all, the weather will ultimately be affected.

The system is showing signs of reaction in the form of climate behavior.
With this much load, we have imbalances as more garbage, more sewer that cannot be consumed by the fishes because there aren’t anymore left in abundance. You raped the oceans.
So the oceans are close to being highly saturated with bacteria.
Quiet! Don’t tell that to the scientist, they are liable to dump chemicals in an attempt to restore balance.
Let nature handle this, she does a much better job than our beloved scientist. She has been at it for millions of years. Cleaning up after man, but no one noticed.
So to attempt to solve the problem, you must not populate at least for a recommended time frame.
More to come….


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