Where are we right now 2

What has to be remembered here is that you must follow the supreme father wishes.
This Is extremely important,….if you want to get anywhere in this world.
You may have a grand idea of your way of doing things or even a particular lifestyle, but it may not be in alignment with the Almighty God. This will open a whole new can of worms for you.
You may also think that populous will make a difference. I don’t think so.

The Father rules and whether you are in agreement or not, will impact the world one way or another. Why? Because this is the time for it. We are in the final stages and don’t question that. I have proven this too many times, for those who have been constantly reading this website.

One hundred years ago or even less it will appear that you will get away with whatever you do.
But lately, everything seems to have an immediate response, an immediate feedback.

I am just the voice who spotlight these changes. The father along with the entire heavenly host does the rest.
See that empty seat next to Him, it’s mine. If you have problems believing that, then go ahead and try to occupy it and God will act immediately. I promise!

You may think I speak harshly with a voice of a warrior. It’s because I have been hardened by the rough of men.

Maybe thats why the Christ you know, took the quick way out, because back then, he was ordered not to oppose you, but to be gentle.

The acquisition of power is a job of the supreme father, a God and definitely not man.

Many years ago my personal quest was to douse selected individuals with divine strength and I still do today. It has to be done by me and only by me.
That’s the way He has designed it.

You have no idea how great thou art. You just don’t know but I hope as you read these writings, you will have a clearer vision.
The bottom line here is to respect the supreme father and respect His wishes.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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