Where is the food?

The foods that we eat have a great bearing on how we feel. I do understand that in today’s society money allows us to eat well or lack of money sometimes allows us to not eat at all.
I also do understand that hunger hurts and as citizens of the world, we ought to make certain that we help each other to have a decent meal. So we should take a little from ourselves and donate it to maybe a shelter or some sort.
There are many Christian organization that have designed themselves to collect and provide food for the poor and needy.
So seek out these christian organization and donate to them with a little prayer than what little you give can fill someone’s heart with contentment.
In certain places where it is possible to have a garden, the benefits of a proper vegetable meal can be more practical than lets say city folks, but none the less, you can still grow vegetables in large pots making certain that they get adequate water and sun light.
Nothing taste better than a home grown vegetable and probably is better for you, considering its pesticide free or as they say organically grown by your own hands.
So knowing these facts can allow you to make a difference in the world and also keep you healthier.
Tomorrow, we will discuss meat eaters……


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