Would it be nuclear or nonnuclear?


The question that poses to America is whether china and Russia supports North Korea. A pretty much rogue nation that see things quite differently. These two nations undoubtedly aren’t seeking America’s interest to write home about. It is my opinion that they want things the way they are. That’s something that I have been singing a long time now which hasn’t changed.
As I continue to only observe the situation of N.Korea which seems excessively annoying only to Americans, South Korea and Japan.
Don’t let the U.N. vote fool you. It’s nothing but a vote, but what’s behind the vote is what is of concern.
But if you are looking for peace, the way to start is by stopping the military trainings, that would be the wisest of approaches and a prelude to a proper conversation.
There is nothing to accomplish with these trading exercises. Nothing!
More to come

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