A Culinary Bad-Boy

A world without bourdain, as the legend continues.

Anthony Bourdain was truly an admired person whose job brought quite a fitting welcome to the world. He linked many cultures and brought to us the lifestyles and habits of places that we may never visit, mostly because we aren’t aware of them.
Anthony overcame barriers and some of them were strong political barriers. He was welcomed everywhere and I am sure it gave him a sense that he had conquered everything.
He did it all, but he didn’t allow anyone to put him on a pedestal. He love the street food without reservations. He love simplicity without reservations. He ate with everyone without reservation.
He served us well and will be truly missed.
I like the guy and truly did because his work was an education to me.
Farewell my dear friend and God bless
A Bad-Boy of the culinary arts. I couldn’t say it any better

Anthony died because he believed he conquered everything and he was afraid to be around doing nothing if he left the show.
So he took an exit while cresting on the highest wave.

What made Anthony tv show so great?
He soar with the eagles but kept his feet on the ground.
Anthony never felt comfortable with the jacket and tie formality, he felt more comfortable dressing down with the street people, the locals, his roots.
Every country he went to, he always seek the locals as he sat and ate with them.
He loved street food and ate while sitting on buckets, old chairs and anything you would have normally thrown away.
Regardless of where you are in life, sitting and eating food with you, made his day. A cold bear and hot soup seem to do more than just what it is. To him, it was like heaven on earth.


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