Before we post our response to illuminati writings, we will post some extra clippings that we received from friends.

The facts #1

The facts
I mentioned to you on many occasions, that I don’t know the supreme father from reading scriptures, but from many interactions with Him.
During those times, He took His time and adorned me with many many blessings. Unknowing to you, the supreme father has grant me power over many things in this universe and I just said that to remind you. I can go so far to say, if He punishes you for some reason or the other, He would gladly acknowledge by further adorning me with more blessings.
The problem here is that the supreme father doesn’t trust most people and I am told to do whatever is necessary to keep you within your box. Everyone wants to be a dynamic leader for the supreme father, but as they say; many are called but few are chosen.
I have no intentions of randomly punishing anybody, but there are people who just won’t take no for an answer, so they leave Him no choice.
This is the final stages of the world and God is not tolerating anything from man and that’s one of the reason why I always say to you that you shouldn’t step out of your box.

Heaven is not this grand open forum for all. I am sorry, but I do know who I am and i do know, who you are in relation to grand scheme of things. I also know heaven very well and if you want to call heaven your home, then I think that you ought to listen to what I have to say. The supreme father is not what I often hear on tv. On the contrary from what i heard, God rules with an iron fist and He is not playing games. I don’t care what you read, but the supreme father is an extremely stern man.

You must also remember that this world is heavy on the side of evil having an outrageous unbalance. It wont be appropriate to think for one minute that heaven is an open door to all, because satan and his henchmen would have taken it over already.
Heaven has a very, very strong military. These are the facts, because i am part of their military. These things that i departed unto you is beyond the Bible and as i have said before, the Bible is only the beginning.

I will close this with the following statement ; Not only He is already here, but there are lots of disappointing bombshells that I have to unleash unto you….. You might be surprise.

I am just a messenger at the moment

The church is in disarray at the moment and many people who leads the church needs to be thoroughly checked because from my standpoint, I don’t see them with the father and I think I know God much better than you guys and maybe that’s why I have been given blessings so much from Him.
God is a strict God, you have no idea what He wants and what He doesn’t want.

As I recently said to somebody, that if God wasn’t that strict, would He had written the book of revelations as you know it? He would have replace the book of revelations with a large earthly party where everyone can be rejoicing.
That’s just goes to show that I am right. He is displease with many things in this world including the people who should be trusted most.
So everyone who thinks that they would enter heaven and have a grand party with God, surprise, surprise that ain’t happening.
Most souls from the last set who entered heaven from the time of Noah, ended up being cast out of heaven just the same as satan.

I know everything about heaven that’s why I carry all the father’s strength and its a strength that i have always carried since the beginning of time. I am not here to pass anything along that wasn’t my instructions, because its my job to carry it, it’s who i am. But there are demons out there in the church who would advise me ; oh! you have to give it to this place or that. Now, that’s demonic.
That’s not what the father intended, it’s the same thing satan did the last time. Asking the Christ to give up his power. So when I am asked to do something as that, as I always said, that demonstrates the demonic forces acting up around me. The Heavenly Father doesn’t want to give the church anything. He isn’t comfortable with the behavior of the church.

God is a very wise God and everything that man does was already told to me that they would try to deceive me by doing this or that.
If you read all my writings you would have known that the ultimate divine power is here to lure you in so that I can differentiate the satan henchmen from the true believers of God.

People see me as a simple man but they have no idea how much blessings that i carry and that’s why I can criticize what you are doing because most of you are doing it wrongly. The Almighty God has adorned me with crowns and scepter and blessings that permits authority. The ancestors of the founding father of America have checked out my crowns and scepter a long time ago and confirmed that it’s the real deal.
So I am not here to prove who i am or what I can do, that the fathers job.

I am just a messenger at the moment


Love the most commonly used emotion, but some people just misuse it and abuse it, probably because of lack of knowledge.
For your information, love can be three-dimensional and that would be in the very advance category.
In this very advanced stage, love can be felt as a substance that radiates from within through the pores. Now if you combine that love with faith as you know it. Then that combination gives substance to everything to a sense of weightlessness, but be mindful that belief was the prerequisite of love to the Heavenly Father.
So once you have a strong foothold on belief, then the three-dimensional aspect of love seems readily adaptable.
Now, having said that, lets put something else in the mix. We would put in lust, yes, the sexual desire of a physical interaction, but lust is on the other side of the line that concerns love. Lust seems to be the opposite of love from the heavenly father point of view. From some mystical standpoint and from other religions, lust can be harnessed at the base of the spine and channeled through the body in an effort to produce power. What a bunch of hogwash! But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it’s a temporary fix to a somewhat impossible achievement, that is, if you are incapable of achieving the real power from God.
Lust is one of Gods greatest enemy. Lust prevents the union with the Christ, it damages the commitment to a point that it doesn’t enable you to advance spiritually. It’s like hate, the most egregious, instantaneous and vile responses of all your emotions, but hate like lust buries your ability to love, it disconnects all your communications and allows you to dwell in darkness. If you are one that hates with anguish, day and day out, then your spiritual life is ruined and you live purely on pretense.
So these emotions as hate and lust can be converted to love, once you have strong foothold with belief. Now, the homework today ; is that you set your belief strongly within, then you allow the love for the Heavenly Father to exponentially expand.
Now that you have the right formula for a perfect foundation. You are now ready for the next level of ….

I am just a messenger at the moment

We have talked about ” the Christ ” in many ways. We have spoken about ways to identify the Christ. We have explained John’s vision of ” coming through the clouds”. We have just about cover everything to prepare you, however, you can always use one more. We can also add this; The christ has the power over everything and everyone in this entire world without any exceptions and that’s what ultimate Power does. So with all this preparedness, your ability to identify Him should be 100% on the mark, but if for some remote reason, doubt still lingers around, then close your eyes and pray on it and ask the Holy Spirit for He would send the signs to you.
Now, in spite of all of this. I believe that if ” the Christ” was standing right next to you at this moment, you would still deny Him, just the same. This is hard for you to believe, but it will happen. You will deny His existence without a shadow of a doubt.

The question is why? It is because you have built the christ that you know on such a pedestal to a level of mythology, that you would have difficulty accepting Him again in the flesh. You have created such a myth that you don’t want to release that mythological figure that you have planted within and you are at a point where you wont accept anyone to fit those shoes.

Remember, the Christ had a body of flesh and blood before and He bled, a body that felt pain and pain was there, a body that felt emotions and they were there, a body that performs miracles and that He did. So if the Christ was standing next to you and He told you that He was the Christ. You would look at Him with disdain. Even if He performed one miracle in front of you, that would not stop you from denying Him. you would Probably spit on him with hateful denial, but that doesn’t add up because your point is well understood as so is his. However he is in a better position than you and that means that you must try harder to understand. But you must remember that the supreme father rules and He sent Him back in a different appearance this time. It is not good to oppose the choices, selections or decisions of the almighty God, for His wisdom exceeds your by eons. Maybe He did that to bring out the fault that’s lies within you. In essence He is telling you to correct yourself before you come up.

All the keys players are in the world at the moment as the world heads to the great change.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

They are all identified as the biblical figures ready to align themselves to the changes that destiny has set for them. There are few more changes that must take place.
So it’s written, so it’s been done!

So unbeknownst to you the changes are there as time juggles on, manifesting the last necessary changes.
In the final days, we ask that you pray with all your might heart and soul but even that seemed to be far-fetched.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

In the final days, we spoke about the explosion of knowledge. Well! Well!
So it’s been written, so it’s be done!

The Jews have returned to their homeland.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

In the final days, you will deny Him.
So it’s been written, so it’s been done!

In the final days, satan would sum up His forces for a last hurrah. Chaos, chaos. A chaotic world and getting worst.
So it’s been written, so its been done!

In the Mideast everything started and in the Mideast everything must end.
So it’s been written, so it is written! (not done as yet)

We are in the final days! Wake-up!

I am just a messenger


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