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Just as the bible said is a series of works that I would display from time to time.
I am not sure as yet, if I should carry this series through, so maybe I would just talk about just one topic. The rest of the series I would have available elsewhere.

You don’t have to read this website because it may not be conducive to your mode of thinking.

The first order of business is an argument in the forefront at the current moment.
Public: Well, satan gave us electric light along with many other inventions and for that we are showing gratitude by developing his plans for satan’s trophy; a new…..
The messenger: Well, all that’s nice, ha! I have never heard a bunch of hogwash presented as this before. But let me present this as peacefully as I can. Listen! the supreme father gave you LIFE and He gave you a world overfilled of abundance to sustain all the occupied souls. A world where you should not be of want. He then sent His only son ( the Christ that you know) to give you life in Heaven.
Yes! a FREE TICKET TO RIDE and what gratitude are you showing?
Let’s see now; hmmm!
Removing prayer in school, removing public Christmas celebration settings, removing all your attention from Christ who sacrificed so much. He sacrificed His life to give you yours.
What more can a man do?
He taught you about the principles to get back to the supreme father.
He also showed you choices and I don’t see you making the right ones either.
Instead of gratitude, I see that you moving away from God.
Now! Let’s talk about glorification.
Satan is doing all these things to move you away from God and he is winning.
Now! He has you in a gratitude mode.
Satan : Here! I give you light so you must give me your soul.
Satan : Here! I give you inventions so you can give me your soul.
You could have gone to the the Christ or the Holy Spirit for that knowledge too, but you choose not to.
Satan as always, jumped to your needs and presented to you a package, but held all his needs hidden from you and now it’s time to collect. You loose!
Your soul….your soul….your precious little soul.

Why do feel such commitment to satan? He was a menace then and still is.
Warning! Don’t ever turn away from the Christ or the supreme father or the Holy Spirit. Why?
More to come

For I am just a messenger at the moment

We are having a brand new series titled ” just as the Bible says”
It will show and compare facts.
So stay tuned but you are warned it may be too much for you.
Always remember that you don’t have to read this website.

As a matter of fact: DONT READ THIS WEBSITE

I consider this a little bit of a diary. Your life!

For I am just a messenger at the moment


The thing is that the almighty God doesn’t trust man. I am telling you the truth and it’s not something that I have read but something that I was told directly from Him.
The phrase ” in God we trust” doesn’t seem to have reciprocation, but it is the trust that’s needed when working with the heavenly father. If man can solve the problem of TRUST with the almighty God, then you are securing your own future.

For those who are just getting on board with our writings. Let me restate; I out-rank satan by far and i also out-power him by far and I don’t worship anyone lower than my power. I am saying this in a humble context. FYI

Satan has steered you away from the almighty God for too long and you are not seeing that. I am not here to destroy the world and I am not here to destroy man either. I could have done that decades ago, but that’s not on the agenda. In addition, you seem to be doing a good job of destroying your own world and everything else in it and that’s all on your own.

I am here to steer you back to the father, but as with everything else the choice is yours. If my mission fails then expect the father wrath, just as the Book of Revelation have indicated. If my mission works, then you may not see a ripple. Regardless of the outcome of my mission, my medals are waiting for me with a note.. “I told you so ” or a smile, from the Heavenly Father. So don’t waste your time trying to stop “the end” because it’s not for you to stop, it’s for me to stop. The heavens won’t listen to you in matters as this.
For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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