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Which way is up?

In spite of all this, Putin still has great influence over all of Europe, China, India and all of Latin America.
Russia and Uk and two very old cultures that have blends of marriage between them and on top of all this; The country that has no sins of same, cast your first stone.
Each one of these countries have bullied their way in the world to acquire their current position.
The bottom line here is that; you all have the same common enemy.
Just look in the same direction.
Something to think about.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

Well, it seems that all the Biblical predictions are bottlenecking. Hunger, diseases etc. and of course, the Bible buster haven’t realized as yet that his role is also Biblical, as he coast into his remaining term.
Just a friendly reminder; You can not bust the Bible. You can not change the Bible.
The Bible will change you.
And that’s a promise!

For I am just a messenger

Intentionally removed


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