Here? No here?

Everyone wants to know about the Christ. When is He coming? Is he already here?
What does it all mean?
I think I know a thing or two about the man.
What does it all means?
Nothing that’s strangely different maybe a thing or two that’s happening more often.
Nothing that you can not connect with as a past performance.
I think it matters to the believers more than anyone else. That should sum it all up.
If you don’t believe in God, then you don’t stand a chance. But that also may mean nothing because somewhere I heard an atheist saying that he doesn’t mind burning in hell.
That speaks for itself.
Some say well, it’s not physical so why worry.
The future is not physical either, as yet.
So you are planning into the physical hoping that when it manifest, you are in the right position.
It’s the same thing to plan for the life after.
It’s not physical either, but the elders, along with the Christ and even with other religions are all telling you that they are preparing for the after-life, so that they would be in the right position.

But the thing is, why waste my time telling you about Christ? If He is here or if He is not.
If He is here, you won’t belive me anyway. You will deny Him. The churches will all deny Him because they would all lose their charitable income.
But, but, but you would miss the boat ?.
Weighing that against your income. Nah!

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

More to come…….

We have come a long way to the current situation. Here, America stands contemplating on their next move with North Korea ??,
But as the rhetoric climaxed over time. It opened the doors ? to the inevitable confrontation of war.
With Trump there seem to be no other way to resolve this. While I stand on the sidelines watching in.
The situation doesn’t seem to move in a positive direction.
So there you have it.
You are on your own, trump.
This is your baby. Go get them tiger!

So the bottom line here is up to Kim and up trump.
Whether there is war or not, it’s not up to me.
What I do know is that with all the heated talks and threats. It certainly puts America on the defensive, in more ways than one.

One more thing, the only way I see anyone helping him is by he paying them big dollars to get the job done. ✅

Who is your leader?
It’s been over two thousand years and that’s a long time consisting of many generations, but what’s mind boggling is that man has not grown any.
You may think that they would be wiser to a point of increasing their adhesion to the Almighty God.
Surprise, surprise, but man has disappointed God so many times. They have turned away from Christ and have also turned away from everything that’s God related.
Now, they deemed it necessary to worship a politician.
Does everyone see where this world ? is going?
Now, do you see why the almighty God is angry with man?
You have identified a political leader as your living guru. As your one God.
You have sold your soul right in front of the entire world. Worthless………
I do know that the way Satan has set things, it leaves the supreme father with not much latitude. But be that as it may, Man also gives very little room for the father to be nicer.
Christ has orders to save the “dead in Christ” and he is on order to …
More to come…… So

Man can change everything, but maybe they don’t want to.

Wipe them off.

Seeking help to fight North Korea is very sad.
You keep provoking N.Korea with a war of words, but then you are seeking help to do your fighting.
Would Russia ask for your help if the situation was switched around?
I don’t think so.
You keep telling N. Korea that you would wipe them off the face of the earth, but you are asking Putin to help you.
Watch “them bullying words” trump, if you are seeking help to back it up.
It just don’t make sense.

Alabama, Alabama, thank you.
Thank you to the black votes who came out in droves. Thank you also to the white votes. Everyone voted against the odds and voted for what’s right and what wrong with America. You came out to fight for your own future against what Donald Trump was doing, that is, invoking the worst of America.
To Roy Moore and Franklyn Graham with their band of supporters. Christ is here but He is not on your side.
This is truly a tearful victory.
Thank you.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.

The last song

They say politics is dirty and dirty it is. When you place party first besides everything else. You are creating a massive problem that you won’t be able to get rid of.
The GOP has such a stain on them that I am not sure that they can correct it.
When you put party above criminality. It’s all over.
You are just driven by momentum at the moment and when you come to a stop, then that’s it.
The bad joys of America. The Grand Old Party might have just played it’s last song.
They did it all to themselves. Don’t matter how I look at it. They are in a mess.

Sometimes during these tremulous times, we have to find The father within ourselves. The vehicle that is recommended are these two beautiful moving songs.

So with that, my recommendation this week is: “You raise me up “ song by Jarrod McNaughton
Nice work Jarrod.

Another recommendation is none other than:
“It is well with my soul” song by Jeremy Riddle

These songs do tremendous nurturing to me and I hope it does the same for you.

“Take my hand Precious Lord”
By Angela Primm and Jason Crabb
This is a superstar song that raises my pores and weakens my knees instantly. Of course it gives you teary eyes. It’s a feeling of gratefulness and love. I love it so much. When I listen to this sound, the father, lifts me up. This sound does it for me and I am sure it will do it for you.
God is so great.

Of course, you can buy these song at iTunes or at Amazon.
If you have a song that you think that I should listen to, then Let me know.


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