The kids

Well, the kids are out today voicing their anger at what’s going on regarding guns.

They ought to be heard, because they are the ones being constantly shot at and some are killed.
They are always in the line of fire, taking bullets that they don’t deserve.
Being shot at, time and time again, and Washington doesn’t want to do anything about it.

This is not the first school shooting and it won’t be the last, because no one is there for them.

Parents who send their kids to school are not sure if they are coming back home.
This is the plight of the American schools.

On top of all of that, the GOP shot down the bill.

Those are the kids who are the future of America… if they survive to see it.

So as it is, America’s future is very uncertain, because no one is securing the future…. no one is securing the kids.

It suffices to know that I don’t always look at any one particular person, country, or thing.
No, that’s not the way with me.
What triggers me? Well, if I am looking at CNN for example and they are talking about a particular topic or person, then I may further look into it.
Generally, I am usually preoccupied with things happening immediately around me or things I have to do.
If you are thinking that I am constantly looking at, let’s say Kim. Oh no!
So what Kim Jung Un is doing or what Mueller is coming with, may be a total surprise to me too.
So basically, I take my cue from CNN.

Here is a topic that just cross my mind.
Heaven is real. Now, let me explain. Real to some people here on earth or in a courtroom needs the added dimension of touch, to complete the courtroom meaning of real. So by me saying that Heaven is real, may not sit good with courtroom people, but it would sit good with believers.
But some courtroom people are believers too, but while in a courtroom they must separate the two. Courtroom people here are judges and lawyers.
So as I was saying Heaven is real. The Angels are real. There are real people up there.
The spirit world is real.
There are cults out there who will attest to that because they are constantly doing magical works.
On the topic of magic. Well, that’s for another day.

It’s the beginning of lent. If you are a Christian, you should know. Some people make small lifestyle sacrifices in observation of this period.
I know of some people who give up smoking, while others give up drinking, and so on.
But it’s important to note that it is in great earnest and respect that these sacrifices are possible.
So yes, give up doing something and enjoy the discipline. It’s not as hard as you think. Some people give up eating pork, some regular meat.
If giving up taking drugs can be this easy, it would be wonderful. Hey, give it a try.

It’s enjoyable bringing these songs of faith and inspiration to you. Truly, these songs that I recommend, works with continuous listening.
Of course, these songs of faith lightens your load and may even provide answers of long nagging questions.

It is well with my soul, by David Phelps


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