Broken legacy

Where are the Babies?
Why are you hiding them?
What’s the Doctor’s name?

Where and how do you bury them, if they die?
Mass graves?

Unbecoming a president

It took them many days before they open their doors to a hand selected area.
They have rejects the news media. The have rejected the senators. They have rejected everyone from entering. Why?
To cleanup their tracks.

We have been laughed at from all other countries because of trump and his obnoxious policies.

He speaks about coyotes gangs coming in to America with the kids. Does he have evidence of this? I don’t think so. It’s definitely not in the magnitude that he is blowing it up to be.

137 days left to midterms.
The children in cages.
The school shootings, that massacred so many children.
What’s the common factor here?… children.

The republicans doesn’t seem to have any empathy for young children, who are the future of America.
So if you have children please:

The Babies

The Babies are at risk. They are abuse and living in feces, in very inhumane conditions. They are not well cared for.
Some are already missing.
Those who survive may never see their parents again.

We have 140 days left for election.
Remember the babies


They didn’t have trained personnel in place to care for those kids.
After reading this they may attempt to change things.
But remember people

139 days left
VOTE THEM OUT for cruelty to minors.

I just rolled up my sleeves getting ready for a good long fight, but trump back down.
He got away. My fangs were drooling. I have never been so ready. He slipped away on this one but put it another way… I won’t dry my fangs just yet. Trump is a source of mistakes upon mistakes. He just don’t listen.

They still won’t open the doors for the media to check. It’s because I am right. The children were living in deplorable conditions.
They are trying to clean up their tracks.
We will see what happens. 139 days to go for election.


So Russia has their latest missile called “satan2”.
That’s big bad boy. Whew!
I believe America should label their missile as “Satan’s finger”.

Wow! I think I need more meditation.

Why is it, to express the bad boy image, people always seem to select an association with Satan?

Remember Satan was kicked out of heaven. So with that Logic, he can’t be all that bad.

Obviously, the entities in heaven can be badder or should I say the baddest.
Gentle Jesus can pull a sweet devastating sword too. just that this time he is a far cry from gentle, but that’s the way the father wants him. So he has to obey.
So don’t associate gentle Jesus continuously as a powder-puff.
He knows war and can fight with the power of ten million armies. Make no mistake about that.
But the question still remains.
Why does people still migrate to Satan?
He is a defeated man. Damaged goods!

The answer could be that they just couldn’t bring themselves to see Christ as one of heaven most devastating powerful warriors.
Well, he is!

So don’t expect to enter Heaven if you omit Christ. FAT CHANCE!
If you are having problems with him on earth, then don’t expect to be up there.
I don’t care what you read or where you read it.
Christ is the final decision maker on your fate.
And you can’t go to anyone else for help because Christ governs everything and everyone.
That’s the way the father has set it.
So do some heavy thinking, because you won’t get a second chance.

“I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.”
with Robert Duvall (1971) said it best. (Utube)
Sniff! sniff!
Where is the napalm?

Oh! Oh!
Maybe there is peace in the valley.

I mentioned in a previous post that Kim needs concessions too.
Well he does. He needs the threat of the military out of his line of fire. I guess that’s why he had aimed his missiles at the U.S. in the first place.
So now that the US military will move out, Kim will be focus on his country and wellbeing of his people who adores him greatly.

Trump had no choice because Kim had his missiles aimed at the U.S., So he had no choice but to act.
But there is something that trump didn’t know,
that the US was safe all along.
Thanks to CNN

CNN has been seeking the positive aftermath all along. Make no mistake about that.
Their interest was not only to report the news, but also find a right outcome for the US. You can tell by wolf’s questioning.
So in essence, the “fake news media” as trump claims, really performs as an act of God.

So we are in the new threshold for North Korea’s passive role.
Kim is like any other super power who needed attention because of his might and now that he is worldly recognized, he is expected to enjoy a normal life. Smoking cigars, reading the news and running a country.
By the way, has anyone took a good look at North Korea? Not only are they a recognized super power but they also have a great infrastructure. Well designed buildings.
It’s a far cry from other dictators.

For some reason Kim was projecting such a humble spirit that the world seem to yield to him, giving almost anything he ask. So trump did.
One would easily sum up that he was just looking for his place in history, but like any animal, he would strike if provoked.

I believe with gratitude, Kim will welcome and increase the people’s religious forum, which he believes will keep his people at peace.
But in the interim may increase tourism to boost his income. Perhaps!

On another front trump might see this as virgin territory for a trump building, casino or even a golf course. Hmm!
It’s all about trump.
Trump first US second

“I love the smell of Napalm in the morning” just went viral. It’s all over Utube and all over the Internet. But sincerely, ever since I saw the movie: Apocalypse Now, decades ago. That line “l love the smell of Napalm in the morning” stuck in my mind.
Of course Robert Duvall did a excellent job too.

Well we have reached an apex where expectation exceeds reality.
Kim can be considered a superpower in terms of fire power.
He runs an entire nation as he chooses. No promises to anybody or answers to anyone. Kim plays his cards as he wishes and it’s all in his favor.
With the current trump intervention from the west, Kim could turn out to be a master player, still holding all the cards.
On the other side, America run by trump is having a two front war. A war of tariffs with its best allies, turning over old friendships of very close allies as he welcomes America’s all time rival.
(Trump has created so much attention with this summit that if he fails. It can be a devastating lost to him or a never-ending war, just to hide face.
Trump could start a war regardless of the outcome, if there is any slight dissatisfaction.)

To trump, this is great as he marches to the drumbeat of a crude and well executed Putin’s plan. Squeeze America economically as she steadily sinks, keeping it vulnerable and ripe for the picking. I present America to you, Putin.
A job well done.
Don’t worry, we have them fighting against each other. The right vs the left and everyone else against each other. The defense agencies are still trying to recover. Forget the news media, I have them totally confused having no idea of my next move with Putin.
A country in total turmoil.

Two Rocket-man Tacos to go, heavy on the sanctions.
Gimme a Dotard to go, heavy on the China tariff source.

A world without bourdain, as the legend continues.

Anthony Bourdain was truly an admired person whose job brought quite a fitting welcome to the world. He linked many cultures and brought to us the lifestyles and habits of places that we may never visit, mostly because we aren’t aware of them.
Anthony overcame barriers and some of them were strong political barriers. He was welcomed everywhere and I am sure it gave him a sense that he had conquered everything.
He did it all, but he didn’t allow anyone to put him on a pedestal. He love the street food without reservations. He love simplicity without reservations. He ate with everyone without reservation.
He served us well and will be truly missed.
I like the guy and truly did because his work was an education to me.
Farewell my dear friend and God bless
A Bad-Boy of the culinary arts. I couldn’t say it any better

Anthony died because he believed he conquered everything and he was afraid to be around doing nothing if he left the show.
So he took an exit while cresting on the highest wave.

What made Anthony tv show so great?
He soar with the eagles but kept his feet on the ground.
Anthony never felt comfortable with the jacket and tie formality, he felt more comfortable dressing down with the street people, the locals, his roots.
Every country he went to, he always seek the locals as he sat and ate with them.
He loved street food and ate while sitting on buckets, old chairs and anything you would have normally thrown away.
Regardless of where you are in life, sitting and eating food with you, made his day. A cold bear and hot soup seem to do more than just what it is. To him, it was like heaven on earth.


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