It’s crowded in here.

I don’t think that the world ever had this much people in it and it makes you wonder.
How did it ever get to this point?
What’s the thinking; population makes might and eventually override the entire world.
I really don’t think there is enough food to sustain this present crowd. There is not enough jobs to keep everyone employed.
Not enough housing as they go deeper and deeper into the forest removing the trees that’s needed to sustain that much oxygen.

Every natural law of the universe is stretched to the max.
If anyone says to you that the numbers are good, unemployment or whatever, then don’t believe them. Something is wrong with their adding and subtracting.

It’s at a point right now where all systems will begin to fail. All charters, all constitutions, all forms of written rules and laws will begin to fall apart.
How did it ever get to this?
Who is to blame?
Say no more!

My! my! You even made the weather system mad at you.
The weather is reacting and it is telling you that something is wrong. It can’t function with this much crowd.
It just don’t know where to put the rain and where to put the snow, anymore.
What did man do?

God is right, He is always right.

After reading this. Oh! We will put a team of scientist to study this.
We may be over-science too.
Let’s pray!

The messenger speaks


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