The world responded +update

A important reminder !

In the not too distant past, when the Jews were in peril, resulting in the death of many of them by the hands of Hitler, the world responded with extreme thunder. It was a collected effort by the entire world that responded with vigor and purpose, that ultimately resulted in a job well done. It was called World War Two and the enemy was eradicated.

Now, it’s the Christians who needs the assistance because they are being slaughtered and the coalition headed by the United States have come forth to deliver them out of danger. The process has around forty countries involved and is still ongoing.

So make no mistake about it, the world is responding as quickly as they can to eradicate this threat.
Christians are measured billions and this is why we need all countries involved.

Update 9/19/2014

So those of you who believes that the world turned away when you needed help. You better think again.
Unless, unless you and reality and not exactly hanging out with each other lately.

The messenger speaks


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