Affecting the spiritual world

How you can effect the spiritual world.
I mentioned that the spiritual world has dominance over the physical world. This means that the spiritual world having the supreme father as the chief commander controls the physical world. However there are processes that can be done here on earth to influence the spiritual world. One of the major procedures to distract or invoke the attention of the spiritual world is through prayer.

Lets take for example the Catholic Church Rosary.
The rosary is a series of repetitious prayers said as a sequential plea to invoke Mary the mother of the Christ. By repeating her name along with addressing her, Mary mother of God…. You are in effects sending to her a plea for her assistance to intercede for you to the Heavenly Father.
By repeating the series of words, you are doing two things, begging or petitioning and two; you are demonstrating humility by setting a plateau upon which she stands. Having stated these two things, you can now proceed to explain why you want her to intercede for you.

So praying is very important because it invokes a Holy entity as the Christ, Mary or even Saints for your plea. Some people prefer to pray mentally while others pray vocally.
Once you have experience with both methods they can both do their desired purpose, but loud praying sets of a much better emotions and gets all your cells on board, praying along with you.

Another point here which needs to be address is your attitude towards prayer. I mentioned earlier that by the repeated segments of the rosary, you are sending request by supplications, so its imperative to keep that humble begging status as you invoke the entity.
Never hurry pray, never think about other things while praying, never pray without respecting the entity, never pray if you are just from drinking alcohol, quarreling, swearing or other wild emotions.
Always treat prayer with the utmost of sanctity.

There are many other prayers which are already written for you. The lightedstairway has an Ebook of prayers available.
There are also other organization as churches, who have prayer-books available.
The psalms from the “Biblical book of psalms” are also used for invocation.
You can pray by simply speaking out your plea for the right occasion.
Praying is an imperative and its profoundly imbedded in Christianity, so it’s an extension of you.
If still in need of a prayer, then use ” the our father “. It worked then and still echoes today.

A rule for your life should be; never be caught without a prayer. Always carry one with you in the event you are alone, simply say it and the beautiful part about it, is that you don’t need a purpose to prayer. In other words still pray even if things are going extraordinary well for you.
Never be ashamed to pray, because you are blessing your own life here on earth, as well as your life up there. This habit ensures the holy entity of whom you are invoking, to have your attention even in good times.

So there it is, you can influence the spirit world.
There are other methods by which you can also influence the spirit world and we will be discussed them in the future. For example candle use as well as other things.

God bless you!
I am just a messenger
Repent !


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