The father’s request

When an order is administered by me, it’s the father’s request and not mine.
That’s means, it must be followed on God timing and most definitely not on yours, ..kinda like immediately.
Always remember, where the supreme father is concerned, you no longer have a time table, so you must make his request an utmost priority and get it done, like yesterday.
The supreme father is very responsive at this phase of the world.
So please, put away your egos and your stance in life and follow through with it and all will be well. As long as you keep reading what I am writing on this website, because he might just kicks in. So all will be well, because it’s coming straight from Him. I am just a messenger.
I don’t follow what’s going on around the world all the time, but he does and when he wants to say something about it, then I will talk or give an order or something.

I have a few bombshells to deliver, some you may like and some you may not. Soon.

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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