Did the earth stood still?

The day the earth stood still. Well, I think it did during the past two weeks. I was out and not paying attention to anything and it seems as if all the problems I left you with are still on the table and still having no reasonable solutions.
Having managerial problems again? I guess it doesn’t matter because that’s the way it is.
The Heavenly Father did say that man can not manage the world. Was he wrong?
He is never wrong!
Obama may be the nicest guy in the world ( I don’t know), even though his policies are off its mark. It stinks so much that it draws vultures from very far away. However, I also have a nose as a Voltaire too and I smell impeachment.

The Mideast is still fickle ground. It took a God to stop the peace and it will take a God to reinstate it. That’s why the different administrations have had everyone running around with open agreements. Please sign this. Every year was the same thing. Over and over and over, again. Please sign this.
Man can not do what God can. God turns the impossible to possible. Please Know the difference!

For I am just disguised at the moment.


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