Some fruits of meditation

Fruits of Meditation?

All animals including man have a built in Gps system that was in effect including in their birth right package. Man in their stupidity have ignored it and now relies upon electronic gps to find their way around. Unbelievable!
Animals have sustained theirs and to this date, they have sharpened its uses so much, that it amazes man just to see how animals travel in groups in the directions to the same place accross the globe for mating and for laying eggs. For example; They don’t know it as the North Pole but they certainly know it’s their central key point.
A simple pigeons will prove that their built in gps works any and every time.
Fishes in the sea are usually never disoriented, they know exactly where the should be at that particular time of the year and strangely enough, they have a certain period to mate and it might be the only time that they have sex. A schedule that’s far fetch for man, but not impossible, because It’s not what you are use to.
If man can depend more on meditation and less on gossip and other mischief, then they would be better benefited.
Meditation not only allows your gps to develop but it calms the mind.
It takes you away from stress.
It revitalized the cells.
It allows you to collaborate better with others.
It allows you to be on the brink of upper spiritual development.
It allows your moral conduct to be far more manifested.
It changes your entire outlook.
Most importantly, it brings you closer to God.
Meditation has all positive attributes.
Why not start it now.
Or do you want to continue to depend on electronic gadgets?

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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