Going my way? Perhaps?

Going my way, perhaps?

Supreme Court rules; Prayers that open town council meetings doesn’t violate constitution.
Finally America, you seems to be trying to get back on track. However, there is still work that needs to be done, because the vote was too close. 5/4
It’s safe to say that you are getting back to your roots from wandering so far off-course. There might be hope left for you after all. Your fate is in your hands. Don’t mess it up!

I can only help you if you are doing right or trying to correct your wrongs. Then I would help you in ways that no man this here world can help you.
So keep it up America and let the rest of the world praise you and look up to you, instead of hating you and always looking for ways to bring you down.

Christianity is your cradle America, don’t let the bough break.

I had very bad news news for you America, but now! let’s see how that goes.

For I was just a messenger in…


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