Guns and attitude

Whether you like it or not, we are in a world wide conflict and I have mentioned this some time ago.
Many of you are taking this very mildly and that maybe good. It’s it is necessary to remember so that you too can be vigilant.
Many of us have never hoped for this situation, but as a famous singer put it; we didn’t start the fire.
These situations are complex as they are part and parcel of the world in which we live. When it rains, we prepare ourselves by wearing a rain coat, boots and an umbrella, so too, we must prepare ourselves for what’s presented to us.
What are the options; living in fear. Running from somebody or something doesn’t make Jack a brave boy but possibly a dead boy and I am not promoting war by any means, just simply bringing to light the inevitable.
Option 2 is to continue the attitude of what you have started.

The events of the Bible have had many attempts to establish timelines by Biblical scholars with no avail for centuries with error after error. Well it’s on your lap now, in front your door and in your face.
We have reached a vivid and yet fearful bench mark. World war three was brought to our doorstep by Isis and leaves no room for retreat, for they can change the world in a heartbeat. Isis has the power to move, to change…. to conquer and to apply extreme damage. Maybe it’s destiny that brought us to this point and destiny will decide our fate.
My recommendation is lose the guns and find the right attitude. A frequent dose of prayer.
One every hour is a good start.

I hope that You wasnt expecting me to give you a ball by ball summary of what’s coming down. I have to keep the suspense and let you earnestly work towards the goal. So yes, things a shaping just fine.


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