Is it lust, love or hate? #1


Love the most commonly used emotion, but some people just misuse it and abuse it, probably because of lack of knowledge.
For your information, love can be three-dimensional and that would be in the very advance category.
In this very advanced stage, love can be felt as a substance that radiates from within through the pores. Now if you combine that love with faith as you know it. Then that combination gives substance to everything to a sense of weightlessness, but be mindful that belief was the prerequisite of love to the Heavenly Father.
So once you have a strong foothold on belief, then the three-dimensional aspect of love seems readily adaptable.
Now, having said that, lets put something else in the mix. We would put in lust, yes, the sexual desire of a physical interaction, but lust is on the other side of the line that concerns love. Lust seems to be the opposite of love from the heavenly father point of view. From some mystical standpoint and from other religions, lust can be harnessed at the base of the spine and channeled through the body in an effort to produce power. What a bunch of hogwash! But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it’s a temporary fix to a somewhat impossible achievement, that is, if you are incapable of achieving the real power from God.
Lust is one of Gods greatest enemy. Lust prevents the union with the Christ, it damages the commitment to a point that it doesn’t enable you to advance spiritually. It’s like hate, the most egregious, instantaneous and vile responses of all your emotions, but hate like lust buries your ability to love, it disconnects all your communications and allows you to dwell in darkness. If you are one that hates with anguish, day and day out, then your spiritual life is ruined and you live purely on pretense.
So these emotions as hate and lust can be converted to love, once you have strong foothold with belief. Now, the homework today ; is that you set your belief strongly within, then you allow the love for the Heavenly Father to exponentially expand.
Now that you have the right formula for a perfect foundation. You are now ready for the next level of ….

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