Is there a way out?

So we live in a world where satan’s influence is ubiquitous. It seems as whatever structure that you have disassembled has evidence of satanic evolvement. The question is why did man turn to satan? Was it because of the father’s stringent measures where obedience is concerned. It’s like the only way to stay afloat was by following the way of satan, anyway, the bottom line is that you are now knee deep with satan’s way of doing things. Now that judgment is in the air, the scrambling for cover seems to create a silent chaos in the minds of many.
The time have come where man have regretted their actions, especially when they have realized the kind of real power that the father possess and it is right here on earth, but not for the taking, because as I said, when the hour arrives it can destroy. The supreme Father being the controller.
The question is; Is their a way out in such a short time?
More to come….

For I am just a messenger at the moment.


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