Let them be?

You know what amazes me with some of these ministers. They talk, they talk and they achieve or receive nothing and there is a reason for that.
You, who are the congregation or the masses can achieve as much or even more than some of these ministers. So never ever feel minor to them. Never feel that your whole life is dependent upon them, because it doesn’t.
I will contest them any day publicly, but they won’t, because I don’t think that they Would, but you just never know. I am open.
If anyone have been studying me through my writings, then you too would tell the story of realism and you will be blessed. But let me do my work and leave these souls alone, for we will meet again.
If you think you know God so much then how come you are still a regular soul? You preach everyday and claim you know God. Well?
What’s up with that?
But if I put an order out on you, then you will start to receive. Something to think about.
Think about it or you will always be a lower soul.
Ok preachers!
I know you guys don’t see eye to eye with me on this but, in time.
One more thing the whereabout of any angelic person can and usually are not accurate and that’s because of so much evil that’s in the world. The picture is usually distorted.
I don’t need to explain this much further.


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